• Protect and promote the safety, health and wellbeing of all residents
  • Support the Police and first-responders in Santa Monica with an increased emphasis on community wellbeing, code enforcement, bike and foot patrols and neighborhood programs
  • Fully implement and continue future development of the Public Safety Reform Advisory Committee recommendations
  • Work alongside community organizers and leaders in concert with the police to reinvent a new system of law enforcement that is constituted in equality for all, transparency and community-based oversight and safety
  • Foster positive relations between the community and police in perpetuity to cement future prosperity and cull instances of racial injustice and violence
  • Improve community safety along the Expo Line corridor, on train platforms, our beaches and neighborhoods; implement a Bike Theft Task force
  • Make our streets safer and more open, make improvements in our roadways by widening sidewalks and implementing measurable programs towards achieving Vision Zero for Santa Monica

Affordable Housing

  • Collaborate with the LA County and the state and our nation for resources to address the challenge of measuring the impact housing and mental health treatment programs have for the hundreds of people who are homeless on the streets, parks and beaches of Santa Monica
  • Expedite the conversion of the 4th Street parking garage to permanent supportive housing and establish partnerships for mental health beds and housing
  • Support the diversity necessary for Santa Monica’s maturation and growth and fight for economic justice and fair distribution of moderate income and affordable housing throughout our city
  • Enable our our city to develop responsibly by protecting: Santa Monica’s historical architecture, renters and residential neighborhoods

Education Policy

  • In collaboration with Internet Service Providers (ISPs), provide universal access to the internet for all Santa Monicans
  • Invest in our children through innovative and equitable virtual education programming to alleviate digital disparities as we navigate this pandemic and changed family life
  • Assist parents and caregivers in the transition to post-COVID behaviors in online learning; provide the necessary technology, training and resources and guide families in applying  these tools to ensure each child’s success regardless of socioeconomic circumstances
  • Create and implement robust programs that promulgate active and healthy lifestyles for students and families amid the pandemic

Economic Recovery

  • Revitalize our downtown area and attract business and commerce to the Third Street Promenade
  • Lead the city out of the recession’s economic and social impacts to be stronger with a balanced budget; collaborate with citizens to prepare for future emergencies
  • Use data and analytics to determine the most effective means for revenue generation given the revenue shortfall and lost tourism and visitors
  • Open more public spaces for small businesses, restaurants and retail and make Santa Monica more livable for residents
  • Foster a vibrant, not vacant, Main Street center for commerce and community in the Ocean Park neighborhood
  • Deliver an updated Master Plan for the city of Santa Monica

Senior Services

  • Deliver opportunities to Santa Monica’s seniors through training, programs and tools to empower them with “Silicon Beach” technology
  • Improve awareness of Santa Monica’s City-Wifi and continue to make Santa Monica a smart, accessible city, especially to seniors
  • Commit to re-establishing an indoor-outdoor senior center to improve the wellbeing of all our senior residents

Cleaner, Greener Santa Monica

  • Remake Lincoln Blvd. into a beautiful and safe thoroughfare
  • Keep our ocean water clean and ensure our public works are supported and achieve the city’s goal of water self-sufficiency by 2023
  • Improve Santa Monica’s commitment to long-term sustainability, reduce the number cars in our city and increase safe, affordable, and fair transportation options while reducing transportation clutter and improving parking
  • Increase anti-litter messaging to visitors and clean-up our parks and beach
  • Facilitate backyard and building composting program