• Support the Police and first-responders in Santa Monica with an increased emphasis on community-oriented policing and neighborhood watch programs
  • Improve community safety along the Expo Line corridor, on train platforms, our beaches and neighborhoods
  • Make our streets safer and more open, make improvements in our roadways by widening sidewalks
  • Zero tolerance for racism, gender and sex discrimination, hate and anti-semitism
  • Full support for investigations and prosecutions of those who destroyed and looted our community on May 31st
  • Implement measurable programs and take action towards achieving Vision Zero for Santa Monica

Senior Services

  • Ensure the safety of those who live and work in our senior living facilities
  • Deliver opportunities to Santa Monica’s seniors through training, programs and tools to empower them with “Silicon Beach” technology
  • Improve awareness of Santa Monica’s City-Wifi and continue to make Santa Monica a smart, accessible city, especially to seniors 

Affordable Housing

  • Collaborate with the city of Los Angeles and address the challenge of measuring the impact housing and mental health treatment programs have for the hundreds of people who are homeless on the streets, parks and beaches of Santa Monica
  • Support the diversity necessary for Santa Monica’s maturation and growth and fight for economic justice and affordable housing
  • Enable our our city to develop responsibly by protecting: Santa Monica’s historical architecture, renters and residential neighborhoods
  • Work with the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District to improve the quality of ALL schools in Santa Monica, with emphasis on the improvement of virtual learning programs for all students, so that all students are able to attend school and succeed in grade-level academics.

Cleaner, Greener Santa Monica

  • Remake Lincoln Blvd. into a beautiful and safe thoroughfare
  • Keep our ocean water clean and ensure our public works are supported so we can expect clean, safe water to flow from our taps, achieve the city’s goal of water self-sufficiency by 2023
  • Improve Santa Monica’s commitment to long-term sustainability, reduce the number cars in our city and increase safe, affordable, and fair transportation options while reducing transportation clutter while improving parking options
  • Preserve our city’s historical architecture and landmarks while prioritizing safety

Economic Recovery

  • Enforce the mask mandate so we can safely reopen our economy
  • Lead the city out of the economic and social impacts of the COVID-19 virus to be stronger with a balanced budget; collaborate with citizens to prepare for future emergencies
  • Use data and analytics to determine the most effective means for revenue generation given the revenue shortfall and lost tourism and visitors
  • Open more public spaces for small businesses, restaurants and retail and make Santa Monica more livable for residents during the COVID pandemic and beyond
  • Review all city employee and vendor compensation to attain economic equality across gender and race
  • Invest in our children through innovative and virtual programming for safe, modern, education
  • Encourage the revitalization of businesses of all kinds throughout Santa Monica in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce
  • Foster a vibrant, not vacant, Main Street center for commerce and community in the Ocean Park neighborhood
  • Create a short-term COVID-plan and 25-year plan for the city of Santa Monica