Hello, I am Tom Ciszek. I am humbled and honored to to be here on this panel with you today and am running for city council to represent all Santa Monica residents, businesses and visitors on City Council for the next four years.

We must critically evaluate our priorities–how we invest and use our resources and meet this moment with the energy and attention it deserves. As a resident of Santa Monica for nearly 15 years, I believe in making decisions grounded in data and analysis. My wife and I love this city dearly, but I feel somewhere along the line we got knocked off track. 

Homelessness and crime are chronic issues here in California’s most celebrated beach city. We must come up with an innovative plan for safety and homelessness that is humane and sustainable for all, including residents, workers, visitors, and those who live on our streets. We must invest in racial justice reforms that allow everyone in our city to be treated equally and with respect, while also keeping our streets safe. Transparency and data-driven policy is the path forward, and Santa Monica deserves representation that will bring both to decisions being made in our city.